Tampa Multibillion-Dollar Waterfront Project

Tampa Multibillion-Dollar Waterfront Project

When it comes to top places to live a lot of people don’t tend to think of Tampa. But, things are changing and while there is much to be desired the city has plans to wake up the downtown area. There are so many underutilized areas especially waterfront.

People love the downtown area. While most of the downtown area is just for work there are lots of plans for future growth. One of the biggest is the Water Street Project. This is just one of the many projects including Riverwalk, West River, MidTown and others.

It is estimated that downtown alone will have over $12.5 billion dollars in constructions projects. There is a new JW Marriott as well as the University of South Florida’s $165 million Morsani College of Medicine and Heart Institute. Stay tuned for more as we look forward to Tampa rebuilding and making use of all the wonderful sites.

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