Tampa Downtowner On Demand Rideshare

Tampa Downtowner On Demand Rideshare

The Tampa Downtowner is an on-demand ride service that is sure to get you where you need to be when you need to be there. Think of Downtowner as you fast, friendly, fun, eco-friendly lift around downtown. One of the best things about this on-demand rideshare is that is is available 7 days a week and all of the vehicles are electric.

Basically you just need to download the Downtowner app from your app store. Once you download it you can then request rides anywhere in the service area and they will take you where you need to go within minutes. You can even hail the vehicles on the street as you would a taxi or cab.

Tampa Downtowner Currently Available

Below are a list of the areas where you can use this service seven days a week.

  • Downtown Tampa
  • Channel District
  • River Arts District
  • University of Tampa area
  • Harbour Island (non-gated north end only)

Service Area Map

Downtowner Hours of Operation

Monday 7am – 9pm
Tuesday 7am – 9pm
Wednesday 7am – 9pm
Thursday 7am – 9pm
Friday 7am – 10pm
Saturday noon – 10pm
Sunday noon – 8pm

Microtransit in Tampa

The Downtowner offers a dynamic way to utilize public transit. By partnering with the City of Tampa it provides door-to-door rides for thousands of people who live in the metro area. This allows them to bridge the gap that existing transit lines have, eases parking issues, traffic congestion and improve downtown livability.

Moreover, it connects our community by keeping people wanting to visit downtown Tampa. Mobility drives our local economy and as such increases downtown livability. If you are looking for a great way to get around downtown and don’t want to spend money driving or catching a cab this is a great option. For those living in the area choose to go with FREE public transit whenever possible.

Click here to download the App and ride!

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