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Things to Do in Seminole Heights on Your Next Visit

Things to Do in Seminole Heights on Your Next Visit

Seminole Heights: What’s the hype?

Whether you are looking to visit or move to Tampa, you have got to check out Seminole Heights! Once there you can find out why so many young families are moving here to begin their lives. Now obviously, the below options only scratch the surface of all there is to do in Seminole Heights. However, I hope this gives you a wonderful taste of all there is to enjoy!

Places to visit in Seminole Heights

Gott Glass Gallery

Susan Gott Glass Blowing

Source: Gott Glass Gallery /Facebook

Of all the gems Seminole Heights has to offer, Gott Glass Gallery is one of the finest. With 30 years of experience behind her, Susan Gott shares her passion for creating meaningful art in the mystical medium of glass with all her visitors. Visitors have the unique opportunity not only to peruse her shop and purchase fine artwork. Further more, they also get to schedule one-on-one classes in which they get to make a one-of-a-kind custom piece.

Regardless of experience or talent, you will no doubt feel like a true artist during the time working alongside one of the masters at Gott Glass Gallery. Susan Gott’s work also comes with some notable renown as she has won numerous awards and grants. To top it off her pieces have been featured in several colleges, museums, and galleries.

So, come check this place out! See for yourself where the magic happens, and perhaps you will get to make some yourself!

Rabbit Hole Escape Games

Rabbit Hole Escape Games

Source: Rabbit Hole Escape /Facebook

As live puzzle games continue to rise in popularity, it is no surprise that one would emerge in the trendy and hip area of Seminole Heights. Rabbit Hole Escape games is another live puzzle entertainment center like any other. The thing is that they offer their own unique twists and turns as if voluntarily being locked in a room for an hour and having to solve puzzles to get out wasn’t enough of a twist already.

Their games give you a chance to interact, a little, with Floridian culture as a couple of their current games incorporate Florida’s illusive cryptid, the skunk ape. In Shadows of the Skunk Ape part one, you and your friends work as rangers in Cabbage Lake State Park who must race against the clock in order to find the stolen items and help the campers escape the coming storm. If you’re lucky and think fast, you may also be able to enlist the help of the forest’s silent guardian, the Skunk Ape.

Rabbit Hole Escape Games also operates their own Alice in Wonderland themed puzzle putt-putt golf course. This option is probably a lot less stressful, and you don’t have to worry about any time limits as you solve puzzles to remove obstacles and putt your way to victory.

Epps Park

Source: Epps Park /Facebook

This option is not going to immediately excite the attention of everyone because there are tons of other exciting things to do in Seminole Heights, but if you are travelling with pets or you’re like me and love walking through nature, I at least want to make you aware of this place.

Epps Park sits beside the Hillsborough River and is a hotspot for locals with their pets. After enjoying a meal at one of the numerous restaurants in Seminole Heights, I encourage you to take a stroll along the banks of the river and take in the fresh air whether you’re alone, with your special someone, or your pet.

It’s easy to forget just how refreshing a walk through a park can be after a day exploring a new city, so that’s why I’m reminding you! And since this is Florida, chances are pretty decent that you might see a gator! So make sure you keep your phone handy for some pics!

Mermaid Tavern

The Mermaid Tavern Logo

Source: Mermaid Tavern /Facebook

As expressed on their website, Mermaid Tavern isn’t your typical bar scene in which you’ve got twenty-five televisions all with different games playing on them. That’s not the atmosphere they provide. Their vibes harken back to the original purposes of taverns and pubs – a place to enjoy a good drink, great food (they have plenty of options), and suffer no disturbances from anyone.

The Mermaid Tavern serves an eclectic blend of food options – from gourmet fish tacos and fried oysters to their “legendary coup de gras,” you will certainly find something fabulous to enjoy. Also, their food isn’t just great because they know how to throw together a recipe – everything is prepared in house and sourced locally because they believe in the virtue of proper stewardship. It’s no small surprise that this place is a popular hot spot in the historic area of Seminole Heights, so get there early in the evening to secure a table!

And lastly, check out their Facebook page to see what kind of entertainment they might be hosting while you’re visiting! They host movie nights, live musicians, swing dance parties, and much more!

ZooTampa at Lowry Park


Source: Zoo Tampa /Facebook

While you’re in Seminole Heights, make a trip over to ZooTampa at Lowry Park! Honestly, any zoo grabs my attention when visiting a new city. However, I have to say Zoo Tampa really is incredible. Hop on their 15-minute tram safari ride for a guided tour through their African themed exhibits featuring elephants, giraffes, okapis, African painted dogs, and many more!

Alongside their African exhibits, they also have shelters for many of Florida’s endangered species such as the Florida panther and manatees. They even have Komodo Dragons. How many people do you know who have seen one of those in person? You can even upgrade your visit by reserving a spot in one of their signature encounters like feeding an Indian Rhinoceros or petting an African penguin!

Like any respectable zoo, ZooTampa is a home and rehabilitation center for animals endangered for various reasons. So stop on by and show your support for the continued efforts to love and care for our furry and tragically sometimes endangered friends.

Social House

Social House Seminole Heights

Source: Social House /Facebook

Unlike the Mermaid Tavern, if you are looking for a place to catch “the game,” then the Social House is one of the best spots in Seminole Heights. Social House has a light, airy atmosphere like a trendy coffee shop with its white interior, rough finished hardwood tables, and industrial black metal chairs.

The food and drinks are simple, but Social House serves them with the utmost flair. Their menu offers wings, burgers, hot dogs, and various types of tacos, and most of them are served with waffle fries. This bar was founded by a group of friends who saw a need in their community for a hip place to catch a game or have a drink with a friend, and they absolutely deliver on creating such a place. I mean look at that food.

The Mandarin

Mandarin Heights Cocktail Bar

Source: The Mandarin /Facebook

Now I know this list already has a couple of bars, but that should tell you how good they are! The Mandarin is quite different from the other two options though – it has more of a classy atmosphere but still manages to be casual, upbeat, and trendy. So, this is the place you want to go if you want a place to dress up a little but still kind of want to wear jeans for a good night out on the town.

I love any excuse to dress up! The Mandarin provides a great opportunity with their commitment to mastering classic cocktails and their consistent innovative efforts of providing a new cocktail menu every Tuesday. Their commitment to cocktails also includes the signature showmanship in creating them. So stick around the bar while they make yours. It is sure to be an exciting display!

Blue Sage Eco Boutique

Blue Sage Eco Boutique

Source: Blue Sage Eco Boutique /Facebook

Aside from bars and restaurants, there are also some fabulous places to come shop like Blue Sage Eco Boutique! Christina, the brand’s founder, created Blue Sage with the intention of providing a sustainable and eco-friendly way of producing candles and clothing.

She believes in a deep spiritual connection with the earth and nature. With that her brand is designed to help other people achieve or find that same connection. All of her candles are produced using all-natural materials and essential oils. So take it from me and stop on by to experience these unique fragrances!

The C House

Blue Sage Boutique

Source: The C House /Facebook

Operating in a renovated truck repair shop, The C House provides a relaxed and hip environment for enjoying fine foods, fine wines, and finer cheesecakes. Why is it called, “The C House” though? Because apparently, everything they sell begins with the letter, “C.”

The story goes that the founders Danna and Rhett wanted to share the delights of Rhett’s mother’s cheesecakes with the rest of the world. So they worked together to form some kind of restaurant idea. As they worked, they decided they wanted to sell not only cheesecake but cupcakes, charcuterie (yeah I had to look that up, but I’ll save you the trip – delicious cold meats!), cookies, and other products that started with the letter, “C.” After stretching themselves a little more, they realized they could create a place wherein everything sold started with the letter, “C.”

Thus, “The C House” was born!  Now you have an incredible and unique place to visit and enjoy sumptuous foods that all, surprisingly, manage to start with the letter, “C.” Go check out their website and menu if you don’t believe me though. I sure did when I heard about the place!

Valhalla Resale

Valhalla Resale

Source: Valhalla Resale /Facebook

Have you ever been visiting a city and had some kind of wardrobe malfunction or realized you didn’t pack that cute outfit you meant to? Instead of having to outright buy something, Valhalla Resale actually allows you to rent up to pieces of clothing for as long as you want for $39 a month.

Anyone remembering Rent-a-Swag from Parks and Recreation? As it turns out, that’s a pretty viable business model that the residents and visitors of Seminole Heights are going for! So, come check them out and maybe snag an outfit for your trip to Tampa! You won’t be disappointed by what’s in stock!

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