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13 Things to do on a rainy day in Tampa

13 Things to do on a rainy day in Tampa

Just what are things to do on a rainy day in Tampa that allows you to still have fun?  When you live or visit Tampa Bay, one thing is clear, there is a good chance of rain. Rainy days don’t have to be a bore.  Trust us, there are a lot of things to do in Tampa on a rainy day.  

The Tampa Bay is a great city that is bustling and growing.  It’s located on the Florida Gulf Coast and has been highly regarded as one of the major business hubs in the regions.  There is no shortage of things to do both outside and inside. From all of the museums, beaches, parks, and other main attractions people tend to flock to the city.

Though the Bay Area is known for fun in the sun many forget that it rains heavily and often in the area.  Most times it can be what is considered very unexpected just simply because it rains then suddenly stops. This can completely mess up plans for the day.  But when this happens have a go to plan B or C allows you to still have some fun until the weather is clear and sunny. Here are some of the things we like to do on a rainy day here in Tampa.

Indoor Skydiving

If its raining outside there is nothing better we like to do then to try our luck at some indoor skydiving.  If you really want to get the family’s adrenaline going and everyone off the couch this is the perfect way. There are a lot of indoor skydiving places located throughout the Bay area.  Most offer great packages for first time flyers.  

Chihuly Collection

The Chihuly Collection is a very stunning and permanent collection of world renowned artist Dale Chihuly’s impressive and unique artwork. If you love art this is a must see.  The collection is located in downtown St. Petersburg next to the Dali Museum. Not only is checking out the collection of large-scale art in glass from Chihuly wonderful but the area is known for its other galleries, shops, and restaurants as well.  

Cigar City Brewing Tour

If you are downtown you can take a short drive to the Cigar City Brewing company.  Here you will be able to learn more about Tampa’s own CCB. This is a great place for anyone 21 and over.  If you enjoy beer and learning more about craft beer and beer making this is a must. While at the Cigar City Brewing Tour you will learn about the culture, heritage, beer names and so much more.  One of our favorite things to do is to go to the Tasting Room to try whats on tap.  

Indoor Arcade and Laser Tag

Video games and laser tag a favorite past time of most.  Not only will your kids love laser tag but so will the rest of the family.  Get out of the rain and take the family to one of the many gaming areas located in Tampa.  From Boomers, Dave & Busters, to QZar Laser Tag there will be more than enough gaming in the area.  Most of the locations offer fun and exciting activities for all ages. We love laser tag and have seen as many as 40 players play at a time.  If you don’t want to have to go out to grab something to eat from someplace else you are in luck. Most locations will have a food court with pizza, chicken wings, and more.  

Glazer Children’s Museum

Rainy days in Tampa can be the perfect time to hit up a museum.  This particular one is located Downtown Tampa next to Riverwalk and is especially made for kids.  The innovative learning and interactive zone allows kids to have fun while exploring and connecting with the world around them.  The museum is over 53,000 sq ft and have so many things to keep your little ones busy. Open until 5pm during the week Monday-Friday and until 6pm on the weekends.

Cooking Classes

If you are already staying indoors due to the rain how about trying your hand at cooking? If the weather is bad and you still want to get out why not try a class for the whole family.  Sur la Table offers a package that allows for five kids with adult classes as well. Located in Hyde Park this is a great opportunity for some kid friendly baking as well as a girls night out with wine pairing.

Escape Room Craze

Becoming more and more popular by the day, escape rooms are great for a rainy day in Tampa.  There are a lot of options here in Tampa one of our favorites is “The Great Escape Room.” Tickets range from $20-$30 dollars and the theme here is Sherlock-Holmes.  From puzzle solving to scavenger hunts you will surely find this worth your while.

Trampoline Parks

Want to make sure the family gets their workout in while having fun?  Trampoline parks are another great way to get out of the rain and have some fun.  Trust us there is enough to do to make sure the whole household is tired. There are often many who offer open jump times and even overnight lock-ins for the much older kids.  Not only do they over trampolines but also foam pits and climbing walls. There are usually foods courts or stands as well to make sure you have the food you need.

Henry B. Plant Museum

This former Tampa Bay Hotel is located just across from Tampa Riverwalk.  Known as a historic treasure the Plant Museum has 13 filled rooms that feature both antiques and artifacts.  The museum has great history and tells the life of Tampa in the late 1800’s. During this time Florida had a lot of railroad magnates that created and made the area become a tourist destination.  Henry B. Plant actually built a railroad down the west coast of Florida that brought tourist to Tamps to enjoy the tropical wilderness as it was known. He also built the Tampa Bay Hotel to make sure that his guest had a place to stay.  The hotel had 511-rooms and was considered a modern marvel when it opened.

Florida Aquarium

While the building itself looks rather small in appearance inside lurks an aquarium of mega standards.  At the Florida Aquarium you will find it easy to spend a couple of hours engaging and learning more about all the aquatic plants and animals both native to Florida and those from other parts of the world. Check out alligators, lemurs, chameleons, sea otters and more.  There are coral reefs with vibrant color and head over to the touch tank to touch stingrays and other animals.

Indoor Skate Park

Of course when you think of a skate park most of us immediately think outdoor.  Usually that is the case however you will find that Skatepark of Tampa is mostly indoors.  The park includes mini-ramps, street courses for all levels, and its famous bowl. You will still need to make sure you are safe to bring your pads and helmets.  While they can surely help with the elements a fall indoors is just is hard and dangerous indoors as it is outdoors.

Rock Climbing

While there aren’t many places to climb outside in Florida indoor rock climbing on a rainy day is the perfect thing to do in Tampa.  Much like trampoline parks these rock climbing gyms have a few things in mind when you visit: keep you busy and active while providing a safe and fun atmosphere.  Great for adults and kids and many offer all day passes so you can climb as much and as often as you like.

Florida is known for fun in the sun but remember that the weather can take a sudden turn for the worse.  In most cases just be prepared to have a backup plan in case it becomes difficult to be outside. By planning for things to do on a rainy day in Tampa as a backup you will be prepared with options just in case.

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