Be active and have fun at Cypress Point Park Tampa

Be active and have fun at Cypress Point Park Tampa

Have you ever heard about Cypress Point Park Tampa? As you perhaps already know, Tampa, Florida, has quite many parks, including this Cypress Point Park. It is a neighborhood park that has many features. Such as a jogging track, playground, a number of shelters, disc golf course, sand volleyball court, and even beach. This park is very active and has become a favorite of locals to spend and enjoy a break time and lunch. This park is open from sunrise to sunset. So, you can enjoy jogging, playing with your kids, or playing sports in the morning or in the afternoon.

If you want to get relaxed in the park, you can visit the beach here. The atmosphere at the beach is calming so that it is suitable to be visited during the weekend or at the end of the day after a busy daily schedule. Featuring white sands, the beach provides the incredible scenery of Tampa Bay. 

Sometimes, you will see airplanes cross the air from and to Tampa International Airport. This beach is a perfect place to see a beautiful sunset view. 2 jogging tracks are shaded with a view of wildlife and nature. So, you will be able to jog conveniently while enjoying the great view. One track is paved and another track is unpaved.

The presence of the playground in the park makes it suitable to be visited with your family. There are benches in the playground so that you can watch your kids happily play and have fun. Your kids are protected because the playground is secure and safe. Other useful features available in the park are a restroom, changing room, and outdoor shower. So, you can wash and change your clothes after playing sports in the park. This is why Cypress Point Park at Tampa becomes a favorite.

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